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Women Behind the Camera Weekend: Sam Coyle

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

A little insight into the talented director Sam Coyle who continues to develop her vision to create unique stories that reflect strong female perspectives with a focus on challenging the norm and highlighting the weird and amazing of the underrepresented.


What aspects of Avocado Toast the series are you excited for an audience to experience or discover?

I love the intergenerational aspect of the series. Not only are we speaking from the millennial point of view but we really tried to incorporate the baby-boomer perspective. Our parents were young once too, we tend to forget that. I was excited to explore the relationship of our parents in the theme of 'finally accept them for the people they are'. I was thrilled to show the complex relationship between the different generation as they tackle big life decisions.

Sex, sexuality, gender and different kinds of relationships are depicted in Avocado Toast the series. Why is it important to continue sharing these types of stories today?

Media has dictated a certain standard of living and if you are outside of that, then it’s wrong, is the narrative we’ve heard for so long. I believe there is no one way to live, and as storytellers we have an opportunity to change that narrative, it’s important to show all types of love on the screen, no matter gender, age or colour. Love is Love.

Who is a major influence for you and on your creativity?

Jill Soloway was a massive inspiration for me for this show. They have an incredible sense of organic, authentic storytelling and knows how to balance comedy and drama in an effortless way. I pulled many style and tone references from Transparent. But above them being an incredible creator, they take pride in running a supportive, and respectful set. I listened to interviews talking about their process and it was something I aspired to do on our set, treating my team with positivity and respect. You don’t have to be a dick to get things done.


Instagram: @tinyempire

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