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Music Monday: Memorecks

We sat down with hip-hop/electronic producer and songwriter James Peck aka Memorecks, who's songs ‘Darkness Clap’ and ‘Jurassic Parkour’ are featured in the series. For James, inciting a conversation through music is always a great opportunity.


Have you had a chance to watch the trailer yet? What part of the show excited you the most?

Yes! It looks great, I suppose the intimate and personal nature of the show, whether in the characters or cinematography, is what excited me the most!

How much of yourself goes into your music?

On a good day, all of me! I try to make the things I would want to hear. But often, you are working on a job for a client or someone else, and you have to compromise a little to get it done.

What makes baby boomers so awesome?

I suppose their confidence, dedication, and optimism in the face of collapse! Another personal favourite is the fuddling around with technology, and adapting to the modern word. They are cute!


Songs featured in Avocado Toast the series


Who is a major influence for you and on your creativity?

I would say my peers, friends and other musicians I know are my inspiration. The city (Toronto) is full of some awesome folks, and surrounding yourself with good people is one way to do it. As far as creativity goes, I try to tap into that void of absurdity and chaos every once in a while.

With so much going on in the world today, what’s your motivation to be a performer?

I think what motivates me is a love for the craft, and for seeing the reactions and feedback I get from others. I’d say I make music to get away more than anything, but inciting a conversation through music is always a great opportunity.

Whats next for you as a creator?

I’d like to get into different mediums, perhaps something more visual. On top of that, I’m always trying to innovate how I present my music and work to others, so it doesn’t feel like just another song!


Instagram: @memorecks

Twitter: @memorecks Youtube: /memorecks Spotify: Memorecks


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