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Behind the Camera Weekend: Jenny Duckworth

Updated: May 30, 2020

We sat down with Hair and Make Up artist Jenny Duckworth to hear about the collaboration vision for the character Molly. Jenny wants to help show and enhance peoples natural beauty, to showcase real people and to bring characters to life.


Why is the series titled Avocado Toast? (if you don’t know, take a guess!)

Because who the hell doesn’t LOVE avocado mashed up on toast…MMMM!

How much were you able to relate your own experiences to create your character? And how much did you have to research or imagine?

As a makeup artist, it’s easy to get caught up in the glamour, the trends, the brands, and the beauty industry as a whole. But I wanted to become a makeup artist to help show and enhance peoples natural beauty, to showcase real people and to bring characters to life. Thats why I have chosen to go down the route of filming to help tell stories and create characters. And what I loved about this project, and more specifically working on Heidi, was that she wanted to showcase her natural beauty and accept it and more importantly celebrate it! Even if that meant getting rough and dirty and sloppy! Our visions aligned perfectly. I hope to see more of those characters on the screen.

What makes baby boomers so awesome?

They got to grow up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!!! Jealous! So much cultural change over those decades, incredible fashion and style, the music, WOODSTOCK, revolution, no cell phones, no internet. In my past life I lived through the 70’s.

What makes millennials so wonderful?

We are fortunate enough to be able to reap the benefits our past generations fought for. Meaning more opportunity, access to the world and the power to create our own path! It’s a freedom like no other and let’s do something good with it!

What are some of your favourite baby boomer slang or sayings and why?

“Groovy”, “Grass”, “Mary-Jane”, “Right-on”, “Far out”, “Rad”, “Heavy” Because I literally use these terms on the regular! It reminds me of the past and how cool people were. I would have fit right in.

What are some of your favourite millennial slang and why?

Salty” because it is the best way to describe a person who is giving you the ‘tude, “The struggle is real” because it can perfectly describe a smallest, or biggest struggle and everyone can relate, “Adulting” because there’s no denying it, I’m an adult now and it sucks sometimes!

What's next for you as a creator?

I will be working on Season 2 of ‘Drag Heals’, doing hair and makeup on the lovely host, Tracey Erin Smith. And I am gearing up for my second year as a permit with IATSE 873 and am expecting it to be a busy season with lots of awesome opportunities and experiences!



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