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Hump Day Cast Love: Caroline Toal

Updated: May 8, 2020

The Creators Behind Avocado Toast The Series wanted to create an opportunity for you to learn a bit more about our amazing cast, crew and musicians. Here is a little insight into Caroline Toal who plays the waitress.


What aspects of Avocado Toast the series are you excited for an audience to experience or discover?

I’m excited for the Avocado Toast audience to follow the storyline of Molly coming out as a bisexual woman. Bisexuality on screen is pretty rare and I think it will be refreshing and helpful for many viewers. I’m also excited for them to experience the storyline of Molly and Elle’s parents as we get to see their fully developed stories with their own struggles as opposed to simply being tertiary characters stuck in the roles of Mother or Father.

Are baby boomers and millennials often having the same conversations but just using different words?

I am not sure if baby boomers and millennials are having the same conversations. I, as a millennial, often feel quite attacked by boomers. I’m very confused about why our lifestyles are commented on so much. CBC Radio seems to be reporting on millennials every other day… why?

I also feel that it’s odd to lump an entire generation of people into a few stereotypes. If there is one major problem between the two, I think that some boomers don’t quite understand that the economic world has completely changed for millennials. I think that we can all agree that our world has changed hugely from 1946 (the beginning of the boomer generation) and 1996 (the end of the millennial generation) and that obviously the way people live and exist in that society/world is going to be different.

I think instead of focusing on how we are different, we should focus on how we are similar so that we can attempt to save our planet and exist with the least amount of struggle possible.

Who is a major influence for you and on your creativity?

I believe creative energy comes from something outside of ourselves. I think inspiration is something that strikes and not something that you can manifest. However, I have noticed that I feel quite creative when I am surrounded by nature.

Sex, sexuality, gender and different kinds of relationships are depicted in Avocado Toast The Series. Why is it important to continue sharing these types of stories today?

It's so important! There's more to know about these topics today than ever before. There's new information, new terminology... and it scares people! Shows like Avocado Toast The Series shed light to these topics and show people that we're all more similar than we are different, regardless of who we are or how we identify, we all want the same things — to be loved, to have great friends, and to find success in our careers.

What's next for you as a creator/actor/performer?

Up next, I am preforming in a theatre production called Casimir and Caroline by Ödön von Horváth. This play is a New Adaptation by Paolo Santalucia, Holger Syme and The Howland Company based on an original translation by Holger Syme.

Casimir and Caroline is a play about love in the cold atmosphere of modern capitalism. We follow these ultra star-crossed lovers, as they navigate clingy co-workers, sketchy best friends, questionable HR representatives, the playboy boss, that powerhouse from the Montreal office and those beautiful few who might actually possess an ounce of wisdom.

The play runs at Crow’s Theatre from Jan 14 – Feb 9, 2020.

With so much going on in the world today, what’s your motivation to be a performer? Do you act to explain? To get away? To move past? To widen our knowledge? To incite a conversation?

I act because it is something I feel like I have to do as a creative expression. It is hard to explain, but it just feels like something I am compelled to do. Most of the time, I try to think of my work as therapeutic experience for those watching. My main goal when I am acting is to tell a story of one character that someone will understand or see at least something in that reminds them of themselves or someone they know. I want people to not feel so alone.


Twitter: @caretoal

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