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Hump Day Cast Love: Alexander Nunez

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The Creators Behind Avocado Toast The Series wanted to create an opportunity for you to learn a bit more about our amazing cast, crew and musicians. Here is a little insight into Alexander Nunez who plays Jordan.


Tell us about your story in Avocado Toast. What were the main challenges and fears you had in your role?

My poor, sweet character Jordan is Patricia's personal assistant throughout the series. He works at the advertising agency with Elle, who is... let's just say, curt with him. Elle also constantly calls him by the wrong name. Despite all that, he sweats his little turtleneck off to get stuff DONE. I'm a shy person and my sense of humour is very subtle, so I was initially a little concerned about giving Jordan his high-energy personality. But I'd say it came through (I hope)!

What aspects of Avocado Toast the series are you excited for an audience to experience or discover?

I can't wait for people to watch this story unfold. It's hilarious and smart, but it's also extremely honest. The characters portrayed are more than just archetypes — they have depth. There's a character for everyone to relate to.

How much were you able to relate your own experiences to create your character? And how much did you have to research or imagine?

I didn't have to do much! I've been in Jordan's place. I've had jobs where I wanted to tear my boss to shreds, but opted to grin and bear it because I didn't want to seem like an "aggressive black person" or a "sassy gay guy." Thankfully, I feel confident in voicing my opinions now, but I think Jordan's still stuck behind that smile.

Sex, sexuality, gender and different kinds of relationships are depicted in Avocado Toast The Series. Why is it important to continue sharing these types of stories today?

It's so important! There's more to know about these topics today than ever before. There's new information, new terminology... and it scares people! Shows like Avocado Toast the series shed light to these topics and show people that we're all more similar than we are different, regardless of who we are or how we identify, we all want the same things — to be loved, to have great friends, and to find success in our careers.

What are some of your favourite millennial slang and why?

It's a tie between "shook" and "lit." You can literally use them for anything and you can add things to them! Check it: Shooketh. Shaking and Quaking. Litty. Litmas. Lit-up. Lit like my soul. You're welcome.

What are some of your favorite baby boomer slang and why?

I unfortunately use "take a chill pill" unironically. I've also just decided I'm going to start a campaign to get "neato" back on the map.


Das all, here are my handles!

Instagram: @alexjonunez

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